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Musescore 2.0.1

07.05.2015 News

As a composer, one of my conundrums has been finding a decent composition software that doesn't have monthly fees or a cost of $699.00. Maybe one day I can afford it, but I'm a musician. That may never be. I'm sure some of you are in that same situation, so I will share what I use.

Musescore is a free internet download composition software. It outputs high quality scores, separates parts and until now had a crappy midi player that output the sounds. As of the latest update, a more realistic sound system has been included, which puts this 100% free app at almost the same tier as the $700+ Finale and Sibelius editions. What an exciting update!

You will see the new scores and hopefully hear a sound sample when I release my "Sonatina No. 7 for Viola Solo". Keep a look out for it over the next two weeks or so.


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