Chase Jordan


Chase Jordan is a violist and composer currently enrolled in the high school class of 2016 at Bozeman High School. As a violist, he actively performs as the section leader of a chamber orchestra and a symphonic orchestra, as a member of a string quartet, and as the violist in the Gallatin String Duo. He has recently performed the Telemann, JC Bach, Stamitz, and Forsyth viola concerti. As a composer he writes primarily for viola solo and violin/viola duet, although he does write for other instrumentations.

You can follow him on social media at:

Twitter: @bigskychase | Instagram: @bigskychase

Compositions and their Opus Number

Op. 1 - Sonatina No. 1 (for Solo Viola)

Op. 2 - Gaelic Suite (for Violin, Viola Cello)

Op. 3 - Bagatelle (for Bb Clarinet and Double Bass)

Op. 4 - Quartet No. 1 (for String Quartet)

Op. 5 - Fragments from the Musical: Imogen St. Smith (Voice)

Op. 6 - Bridger's Jig (for Brass Band)

Op. 7 - Scale Bowing Sets (Theory)

Op. 8 - Swan River Quartet (for String Quartet)

Op. 9 - Sonatina No. 4 "War March" (for Piano 4 Hands)

Op. 10 - Sonatina No.5 (for Percussion)

Op. 11 - Sonatina No. 2 "Allan's Jig" (for Solo Viola)

Op. 12 - Sonatina No. 3 "A Short Song on a Dark Melody" (for 2 Alto Saxophones, Violin and Viola)

Op. 13 - The Elemental Bagatelles (for Various Solo Instruments and Ensembles)

Op. 14 - A Snowy Electric Eve (for 5 String Electric Violin)

Op. 15 - Duo No. 1 in B-moll "Erde" (for Violin and Viola)

Op. 16 - Impromptu No. 1 (for Solo Viola)

Op. 17 - Suite No. 1 "The Uintas" (for Solo Viola)

Op. 18 - Duet No. 3 "Laurelin and Telperion" (Violin and Viola)

Op. 19 - Sonatina No. 6 "Weg Geht die Schnee in Februar" (for Solo Viola)

Op. 20 - Duet No. 2 "Lava Lakes Suite" (for Violin and Viola)

Op. 21 - Duet No. 4 "The Grouse" (for Violin and Viola)

Op. 22 - Sonatina No. 7 "The Yellow Butterfly" (for Solo Viola)

Op. 23 - Sinfonietta No. 1 "An Excerpt from the Life of Harriet Jacobs" (for Symphonic Orchestra and Narrator)

Op. 24 - Sinfonietta No. 2 "Paradisio" (for Chamber Orchestra)

Op. 25 - String Quartet No. 3 "Trifecta: 3 Petite Jigs from the Bridger Mountains"