Chase Jordan

As a violist, I often find myself scouring google for a new viola work to learn and leaving my computer, disappointed, three hours later.  Sometimes it is just better to sit down, and write a piece of music for the instruments people tend to shy away from. I compose, perform my compositions, and arrange for ensembles I am in. Please contact me if you are in need of any arrangements and I will consider.

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  • After The Ball
  • Violin, Viola — Arr. Jordan C.
  • Free
  • Silent Night
  • Viola — Arr. Jordan C.
  • Free
  • A Caroling We Go
  • Viola — Arr. Jordan C.
  • Free
  • Taps
  • Viola — Arr. Jordan C.
  • Free

Look Forward to the Website!

11.01.2016 News

A new website is coming stay tuned! All purchasable works have been removed.

Musescore 2.0.1

07.05.2015 News

As a composer, one of my conundrums has been finding a decent composition software that doesn't have monthly fees or a cost of $699.00. Maybe one day I can afford it, but I'm a musician. That may never be. I'm sure some of you are in that same situation, so I will share what I use. Musescore is a free internet download composition software. It outputs high quality scores, separates parts and until now had a crappy midi player that output the sounds. As of the latest update, a more realistic sound ...

The Connection Between Politics and Music

01.05.2015 Article

America developed an isolationist based anti-war sentiment after World War I. This resulted in measures such as Cash and Carry diplomacy, and the US Congress not ratifying the League of Nations, and in literary and film works being published. These included Englebrecht and Hanighen’s book, Merchants of Death , and Marine Corps General Smedly Butler’s film, “War is a Racket”. As World War II moved closer, and Pearl Harbour occurred, entertainment was used as a means to garner the people’s support for the ...

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